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Southern Rock Seafood is a family run specialist fishmonger committed to providing the finest air-flown fish and seafood to customers in Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and Nusajaya. Our fresh seafood comes from the pristine southern oceans around Australasia and the cold waters of northern Europe.

Established in kuala lumpur in 2008, Southern Rock Seafood has earned an enviable reputation in Malaysia. We wholesale and retail our safe, fresh and delicious seafood to Malaysia’s best hotels, restaurants and food-loving households. We also showcase our wonderful, fresh produce in our Southern Rock Seafood restaurant and our two shucked oyster bars in Kuala Lumpur.

At Southern Rock Seafood, we believe in traceable, sustainable fishing practices, and where possible, we source directly from fishermen and oystermen. Edward Gallagher sends his Premium and Special oysters weekly from the beautiful remote Donegal coast in Ireland. Matthis Veerman puts together two shipments a week from a range of fish and seafood landed straight of the boats in Almere, Holland. We source mussels from Andy Dyer’s Kinkawooka in South Australia and succulent Petuna ocean trout from Peter and Una Rockliff at the edge of the world in distant Tasmania.

The best of the world’s seafood fish airflown to Malaysia – we’re proud to serve it to you

Fish is fabulous. For a showcase of the way we like to cook our delicious fish here at Southern Rock Seafood, please check out our restaurants:

  • Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen
  • SHUCKED Oyster & Seafood Bar

Our Chefs

Chef Jamil Abdul Ghani
Head Chef: Jamil Abdul Ghani,
Jamil was raised in Kuala Lumpur, where he was exposed to a style of cooking that fused unique Asian culture with Mediterranean and Texas Mexican food influences to create a flavorful masterpiece. From early on, Jamil knew he enjoyed creating food, especially to please his mother. Jamil decided with his passion for food, he would like working in a professional kitchen and applied for the job as a prep cook at a Western Australian Kitchen in Kuala Lumpur. After two years Jamil moved to a famous hotel in Shah Alam to assist his Chief Butcher. Less than a year as butcher, Jamil moved to an American Restaurant where he held the position of Trainer. From there, his next move was to a Mediterranean and Tapas Restaurant in the heart of bustling Bukit Bintang. Having gained experience in the culinary arts of Mediterranean food, he moved on and worked as Demi Chef in one of Asia’s Most Extraordinary Hotel in Malaysia. Next, was an exotic fusion of western and eastern gourmet cuisine with Asian spices kitchen. Presently, he is Head chef at Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen.


Loges Kessarivan – Big Chief

Loges Kessarivan – known as the Southern Rock Seafood’s Big Chief is in charge of bringing in our lovely arrange of seafood and  with five flights a week Loges  can can deliver anything from wild caught lemon sole from New Zealand to Turbot from Holland!

We distribute the finest seafood to hotels and restaurants all across Malaysia contact Loges for more information at loges@southernrockseafood.com


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4 Southern rock seafood bangsar View
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10 Cloudy bay introduces its 30th anniversary vintage with a casual seafood pairing View
Some of the chefs and restaurants that have inspired us are:

Rick Stein of Cornwall, England

Tetsuya Wakuda of Sydney, Australia

The Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House of London, England

Grand Central Oyster Bar of New York, USA


Bake with Dignity

Our beautiful desserts like the Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie and Lemon Tart, are supplied by Bake with Dignity. Their taste and quality win over some other commercial ones in the market. Read more at https://www.facebook.com/BakeWithDignity

Bake with Dignity is an employment initiative by Dignity and Services (D&S), an advocacy movement speaking and acting on behalf of and alongside persons with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities). D&S aims to be an independent voice to ensure that persons with learning disabilities are offered the basic human right of being treated as full human beings.

Persons with learning disabilities are amongst those who are disadvantaged in Malaysian society and they receive the least help compared to others who are disabled. For this very reason, D&S was incorporated on 29th July 1991. Read more at http://www.dignityandservices.org/

Southern Rock Seafood supports Bake with Dignity since year 2009!


I’d love to work at Southern Rock Seafood, but how do I apply for a job here?

Well, first of all, we hope that you like seafood, because all of us here do! Throughout these years, we have worked extremely hard towards establishing our brand’s presence here so rest assure that you`ll be an important part of our company.

Best of all, by joining us during this wonderful period of growth, one will gain an amazing amount of experience through lots of hands-on experience. We value hard work here, but we’d want you to have loads of fun as well! So, join us, work hard & have a wonderful time here!

PS, did we not mention that you get to taste all these amazing seafood as well? Life doesn’t get any better than this! 😉


Still thinking? We love people who takes actions. If you want to be part of us, email your CV to our extremely sweet HR Manager, Ms. Malar at malar@southernrockseafood.com

Seafood Prep

1. Fish Preparation
Our fresh fish is air-freighted whole to our Bangsar fishmongers. Each fish is then prepared and priced according to the method you select.
  1. Whole fish – Weighed first and then descaled and gutted
  2. Filleted fish with skin on – Descaled, gutted and major bones removed
  3. Filleted fish with skin off – Descaled, gutted, major bones removed and skin removed
  4. Portioned fish – Filleted and then divided into portion size. The minimum number of portions depends on the fish selected. Vacuum packed.
2. Oyster Preparation

All our oysters are live oysters air-freighted to our Bangsar fishmonger.

We can prepare your oysters in three different ways – Shucked, Half-Shucked or Not Shucked

  1. Not Shucked – These oysters are closed and still alive.
  2. Half Shucked – The lids of these oysters are open, but the muscle is uncut.
  3. Shucked – These oysters are ready to eat. The lids are open and the muscle is cut.

When you receive your order, please refrigerate. Shucked oysters should be consumed as soon as possible, half shucked oysters should be consumed within 24 hours and not shucked (live oysters) should be consumed within 4-5 days.

For not shucked (live) oysters, place in an open container and cover with a wet towel on a middle shelf in your refrigerator. Do not surround by ice, as the fresh water in melting ice can adversley affect the oyster. Half shucked and shucked oysters are packed in an oyster tray and wrapped in paper and this whole package can go straight into the refrigerator until needed.

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